FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Pinellas Green Party Officially Denounces Yellow Wristband Policy


Pinellas Green Party Officially Denounces Yellow Wristband Policy

December 3, 2016

St. Petersburg, FL – Whereas Pinellas County has more than 10,000 people experiencing some level of homelessness, the local Green Party (Pinellas Greens) finds it objectionable that the Society of St. Vincent de Paul South Pinellas and the City of St. Petersburg have chosen to add insult to economic injury by forcing people in need to wear yellow wristbands in order to receive services.

We plan to peacefully assemble on the steps of St. Petersburg’s City Hall on Thursday, December 8th at 4:30PM as a gesture of solidarity with our region’s homeless people.

While we do not wish to trivialize the atrocities the Jews endured, this act bears a terrible resemblance to how they were forced to wear the cloth patches bearing the Star of David during the Nazi regime. Please join us in opposition to this fascist development so that the guilty parties can quickly fix their error.

Bruce Wright

Co-Chairman, Pinellas Greens

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