St Pete 4 Peace: Protest at Raytheon Friday Oct. 17

Protest at Raytheon Banner ImageISIS war a windfall for weapons makers

Raytheon’s missiles are already killing women and children in Syria & Iraq, including about a dozen innocent people on Sept. 23.”The Obama administration has made little effort to conceal its real objectives in Syria. The fight against ISIS is merely a pretext for regime change. The fact that Major General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Chuck Hagel are angling for a no-fly zone over Syria exposes the “war against ISIS” as a fraud. Why does the US need a no-fly zone against a group of Sunni militants who have no air force?” points out writer Mike Whitney.The administration must have realized people were on to them… so now Washington is considering a no-fly zone in Syria to ‘protect civilians from airstrikes by the Syrian government’. Never mind that establishing a no-fly zone in another country is an act of war since it “would require warplanes to disable the Syrian government’s air defense system through airstrikes,” according to Dempsey.

ISIS war a windfall for weapons makers

This is just more proof that the ‘war on ISIS’ is a smokescreen for a war on the Syrian government.

Raytheon doesn’t care whether the supposed war on ISIS is actually a war on the government of Syria – as long as they get contracts to sell their weapons of death.

Speak out!  People in the Tampa Bay area live in the neighborhood of some of those profiting from the new wars in Syria & Iraq.  Come tell Raytheon that we know the truth: WEAPON MAKERS LOVE WAR!

There is plenty of parking around Raytheon – here’s a map so you can get driving directions.

Military firms likely to benefit from airstrikes in Iraq, Syria

Sponsored by St. Pete for Peace, ANSWER Suncoast, Progressive Democrats of America – Florida, Tampa Bay Greens, Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, SDS at USF, Friends of Human Rights, Hernando Green Party, Naturecoast Coalition for Peace & Justice, the Refuge, Peace and Freedom Party of Florida, the Revolutionary Road Radio Show, the Revolutionary Caucus, Pinellas Greens, SDS at USF St. Pete.

5 short videos on ISIS, Syria & IraqPrevious protest at Raytheon, Largo FL


Friday Oct. 17, 4:00pm-6:00pm
Bryan Dairy & Belcher Rd.
Largo, FL

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